Recycling centre bookings

I am re-configuring the HWRC accelerator to accommodate recycling centre bookings for vans and trailers only.
The requirements are :
4 recycling centres
20 bookings a day for owned vehicles, per centre
5 bookings a day for hire vehicles, per centre.

Users are required to select a date, but not a time.

I can’t work out how to configure the diary to accommodate these requirements.

Can anyone help?


Hi Nicky, I will take a look at this either this afternoon or on Monday. I will need to load it up and investigate further.

Regards Mark

Hi Nicky,

To begin with you will have to configure the diary to set the Maximum number of slots as well as the slot duration. This will allow you to book slots. You will then have to use subsets to control the number of Owned and Hired slots that can be booked, based on a Booking Type field which I assume you already have, whereby you ask the Booker to specify if their vehicle is Owned or Hired.

I hope this helps. MP

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