Referencing fields in sub-pages

I am in the process of migrating an eform from Granicus to Liberty Create and have run into an odd issue. I have created the form using the eForm Migration template which makes use of subpages and the restriction subsets to show and hide sections of the webpage as though they were on different pages. In this form I have an initial question of “Are you a professional or member of the public” which then goes on to show and hide individual questions on the pages of the form, depending on the answer however this doesn’t seem to be working for anything beyond the first sub-page. After that it’s as though the values are no longer available for use in other fragments.

Possibly of relevance is that the initial field is a data dictionary dropdown.

If you have dependencies you’re checking against, such as the answer to a question, that answer needs to be present on the page in order to be checked: if the widget it’s sitting in has a “Page number=1” restriction, the page builder doesn’t know that the widget won’t be showing so will still let you pick it as a dependency; however once the form is being used, that element will no longer be on the page if you’ve hit page 2 or higher.

Simplest method for using that field as a dependency is to add it to the form in a widget that isn’t page restricted, and make it hidden (probably worth noting that field won’t update automatically with a changed selection on the same page, so reference the edit field you’re selecting from on the same page, and the hidden copy on other pages)

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