Refreshing top tabs/template header


In a custom theme pack a user property is displayed in a top-tab. Because the page template header does not refresh when the page reloads (such as when submitting a form widget), the value in the top tab does not change. It only does so when the browser tab is manually refreshed to reload the entire page.

How can I force the template header to refresh to re-fetch the property’s value when the page reloads (e.g. a form is submitted or the user views a different page or tab)?


Hi James,

Can I ask which version of the Create app you are on?

Perhaps you could share a link to your build environment with the theme pack and I will be able to advise what needs to be added to make this work.


Thanks Ged I’ll message you with a link. We’re on 2020.2 and it was just to see if the header can be refreshed through for example an event action.