Removing Blank Entries in Group Membership - Internal Users

Hi All,

Trying to remove all the many blank entries in Group Membership - Internal Users, picture attached.

There is no details for the entries so attached an Event to an action link which triggers a rule to try and delete such entries but to no avail.

Is there something super obvious I am missing in my rule? Seems like it should be working but isn’t. Any help would be much appreciated!


Hi Craig, I presume the rule trigger is based upon any given record falling into a Subset that is based upon certain required field being empty, correct? If so I would check the conditions are being met to enter the Subset, by adding the correct Subset to your record listing. If the Subset says No, then you know it’s the Subset that is the issue. If it says yes but is still not triggering deletion, then you know it’s the Rule that is the problem probably. Hope this helps! Cheers - MP

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