Reporting on training

In the previous iteration of Netcall eLearning it was possible for me to enrol users and then report on their progress I cant seem to do this on the new academy. is this a permissions issue or is this a feature that will be added at a later date?

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Hi Carl.

We will be rolling out this feature very shortly. You’ll be able to invite users within your organisation to complete training courses in the Academy as well as reporting on their progress. We’ll announce when this is launched via a community post, hopefully within the next week or so.


Hi Carl,

You may have seen the recent blog post saying that the Learning Group functionality has been added to the Academy. This allows us to create a group for you to manage, you can add learners to it, enrol them on courses and report on their progress. If you’d like us to set up a group for you just drop us an email at and we’ll do the rest.

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