Reporting on user who completed a stage in a Liberty Create process


I am wondering if it is possible to access the data which stores which logged-in user completed a specific stage in a Liberty Create process. If this is accessible, then where is it stored so we can utilise it in reporting?

Thanks, Rose

Hi Rose,


As you probably know, Create automatically records who completes each stage. This is displayed in widgets like “Case stage list”.

But this data isn’t accessible to most features in Create. If you want maximum reporting ability, the feature to use is “Stage records”.

Then whenever a user completes a process stage, it will automatically create a record in a separate object (that you specify at the end of the relationship in the screenshot) to represent the completion of that stage. When that record gets created, you can related it to the logged in user and cache any amount of data state at that time (using rules).

This can be used to display values of data fields, as they were at the time of completion of that stage. If the same stage is completed multiple times (for the same record), you can still see the different values at each completion time. (For example, using the “Audit subpage” setting on the process stage).

For extra info, check the popup help for “Relation to stage records” setting and the “Represent stage as a record setting” (see screenshots).

Once you have each stage completion in records, you can use all the powerful features of Create to build custom reports - including charts, aggregated tables, exports, PDFs etc.

Consider the cost of disk space consumption, but it is probably worth it.

Happy to explain/help further.


Netcall Partner

Thanks very much for this Paul, that’s great. I was not aware of the ‘Stage Records’ functionality. It looks very useful and I look forward to exploring it.

Thanks again,