Reset pagination between searches


We’ve got a search page with a “Search Results” widget group containing a search widget and a list widget.

We can do a search and get results over multiple pages in the list. If we go to e.g. page 2, then do another search without using the reset button, the results of the new search start on page 2 of those results. We’d like the new search results to start on page 1.

I’ve tried the option “Remember Search Criteria” in the widget group and “Reset pagination” in the list widget but neither do what we want; they both need you to navigate away from the search page then back again.

We can ask the users to use the reset button between searches, but is there another way to ensure the results of a new search always display starting on page 1?


Hi Duncan,

Definitely worth a support ticket, I’ve replicated this issue (and come across it in the past) and cannot find any simple solutions, there should be functionality for this, eg. reset pagination on new search, but there isn’t.

Good luck,

This would make sense to have, either as an option or probably as the default, I’d suggest you raise it as an Idea. There is a very related Idea about resetting pagination when you charge sort order, which is coming in the 24.1 release:

Thanks both. I’ve created a new idea for this -