Residents/customer account suggestions

HI all,
Last year, we published our first iteration of our customer account built in Liberty Create. This year, we want to improve the portal and wondered what other local government resident accounts look like and what features and functions are available to residents.

Is there any other LA in the forum that already has a resident/customer account built using Netcall? If so, would you be willing to share some screenshots with us here at Cheshire East Council?

Appreciate any help at all - thanks.

Hi Steve,

we (at East Lothian Council) also have a Customer Portal built in Create and would be happy to share what we have. It would be useful for us to see what others have too, as we’re always looking to improve what we offer. Would you be open to sharing too?

I’d be happy for you to email me and we could set up a call if that would be easier.


Hi Jane, thanks for getting in touch. We certainly would be open to sharing. Please do email me at and I’ll arrange a meeting over MS teams.