Resize Property Field

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Is it possible to specify a default height for a property field within interface/webpages?. Within the field settings we can specify a width but not height.

When using a text multi-line field our users have asked if the input box could display larger on screen. We looked at implementing with CSS however no success!.

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Good Morning Karl,

You can with CSS, override any element within Create.
The css can be added within applied Early and Late Stylesheets under Theming.
Make sure the theme you are modifying is the active theme for your interface.
There is an eLearning course available if you wish to familiarise yourself.
You will need to use !important to ensure your override is utilised.

Alternatively if it is just individual fields, each field has the ability to have a Custom CSS class added.


Hope this helps.

Adam Mills

Hi Adam,

We’ve got that far however we can’t figure out what we need to define in our style sheet to change the height of the textarea element.

I’ve applied a class to the field we want to size, defined as follows:

The height of the field is changed however the textarea element isn’t resizing:

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Made a tweak and got it to size correctly now. The height however is fixed, would there be a way to have the effect that by default the textarea is a certain height but it would still expand if more lines are added beyond what is already there?

Here’s the updated css and result:

You can use min-height instead of height. The normal expand-as-you-type feature should then continue to work when you need more space.

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