Roles, Groups, & Permissions in Central Hub

We are implementing our CRM and Caution Register using Liberty Create. We want to ensure both our products have streamlined and coordinated permissions for our users.

Currently, our CRM permissions are based on roles and a user can only applied to one role.

For the Caution Register we have Groups where identical permissions are applied across multiple roles.

Reaching out for advice or to share any ideas on the best way forward around Roles, Groups, & Permissions please?

Hi Sheila and welcome to the community!

Liberty Create does not have a concept of groups, however there are some ways you can potentially implement what you are looking for.

  1. Most permissions are based on subsets when we are considering in page components. You can create subsets that consider multiple roles which sounds like your use case would apply to.
  2. Permissions can use an alternative layer called privileges. Privileges can be assigned to roles or manually assignable to users inside a role to create layers of permission throughout your application which can apply to both components or navigational items i.e. top tabs, viewport, sub tab, page.
  3. If we are considering navigational permissions then Code Studio access checks could be used for complex permission challenges where you can consider multiple contributing factors for access.

It may help if you had any specific examples you are struggling to rationalise that we can suggest ways of getting around them.


Hi Carl, thank you for your quick response. Just been advised that my question is based on the Central Hub, apologies, will update to avoid confusion for future posts