Scoping template

Hi everyone. We’re about to start scoping our first projects. I wondered whether anyone has a template they would be willing to share to ensure you are capturing all the relevant information from service areas about their systems and processes? Thanks, Chris

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for your question!

I don’t think we have a ‘generic service template’. As for the information needed before setting up a service, I’d say that would fall into these categories:

Data to be captured - the data/properties that need to be asked for and stored as part of the service creation process (typically the population of a form)
Data capture form -the functionality and method of input for data to be captured
Back-end Process - the flow of how a case needs to be handled, either automatically or manually (or more likely, both). The steps that need to be taken and the parties that are responsible for each
Integrations - are any third-party systems involved in the service to be communicated with (either as part of the data capture process or the subsequent back-end process)? If so, what are the details around the communication itself and when/how should it be triggered?
Communications - who needs to be contacted as part of the process? Which communications need to go to external parties (e.g. the customer) or internal teams?
Reporting - are there any specific requirements related to service-level reporting of the cases created?

I hope this is a good starting point but do reach out to me if there are any more questions :slight_smile: