Segregation of Duties

Has anyone implemented segregation of duties for the same case? We’re looking at having a system where a user can be assigned multiple roles on the case level, without one user being able to complete all steps of the case by themself. Just wondering if there’s any existing solutions out there.

Hi Mark,

When you’re editing the Case Process in question in the “Processes - Processes & Timing” section in Create, when you want to restrict the completion or regression of a case stage simply click on the stage in question and over on the right-hand-side panel scroll down to and select/edit “Completion Privilege”, “Regression Privilege”, “Completion relationship (user)”, or “Regression relationship (user)”; depending on the function you want to use.



Hi Neil,

Thanks for the response. What would you suggest for this scenario:

Users have only 1 user account. Each individual case has its own roles that can be assigned. For example, a user can be assigned as ‘data entry’ for case A, or ‘approval officer’ for case B, but cannot be assigned both for any one case. Case A and B are of the same case-type, i.e. the same object and process. Essentially, we want users to be able to adopt different roles for different cases, without being able to progress a single case from start to completion by themselves.



Off the top of my head, without much deep thought, so please take this as a caveat:

Add a (additional?) o2m relationship between the Case object (m) and User object (o). Label it as “User assigned (approval officer)”, or something similar. When a Case record is created (or whenever is appropriate) the user may be assigned a relationship using this relationship.

Within your “Case Detail” page or a page where you’ve added a “Case Stage List & Advance” widget add an additional “Case Stage List” widget also. Then within the settings for the “Case Stage List & Advance” widget set the “User visibility relationship” to the “User assigned (approval officer)” relationship. Then for the “Case Stage List” set the “User visibility relationship” to, the same, “User assigned (approval officer)”, but this time tick “Inverse User visibility relationship”.

The theory here is that if the user is an “approval officer” they’ll have the ability to “Advance” the case record. But if they’re anything else, they’ll just see a read-only stage list.