Show-and-tell - SafeDesk Friday 27th August - 2:30pm

As many of us start our planning on how to return to the office, or have already returned, how we can ensure everyone is safe is a big topic. Here at Netcall we have been working on a great new app called SafeDesk, and the concept is simple. We need to ensure we do not exceed safe capacity limits for offices, and, in the event that someone tests positive for COVID, we need to be able to quickly and easily understand who was in an office or zone during the time of risk so we can take appropriate action.

To solve this, SafeDesk (designed as a mobile interface) allows all staff to book desks and meeting rooms, then check in and out so we always know who is in the office. Administrators and HR are also able to monitor capacity and pull reports on attendance. It will land soon on AppShare, and, in this session, Dave Amps and Mark Pearson will show you all the features and how it works.

For an invitation just email