SMS - adding standard text to free-form message


does anyone know if it possible to add a standard text to free-form SMS?

For example, we have a free-form reply SMS but would want the text “Include [[case ref]] in reply” to automatically appear at the bottom of the message.

I’m suspect I know the answer, but hope that someone can surprise me!

Thanks in advance,

Hi Jane,

If you add the fields you wish to include in your SMS, then create a Variable (Multi-Line Text,Editable in App) and add that to your SMS, then add the same Variable field to an Admin page, you will be able to edit the free text element using the on page Variable editor, prior to sending the SMS. Hope this helps! MP

That’s an interesting solution, thank you.

I’m not sure how suitable it will be in our application as there will be potential for multiple users to need to edit the message text at one time.

I was hoping this would solve an issue where we need to match reply SMS to a case and can’t rely on users to include [[ref]] in every message, or for our staff to remember to add “please include [[ref]] in your reply” into every free-form reply they send.

Thank you for your response, it’s always interesting to see how others approach an issue.

Hi @jtankerville1

The easiest method would be send a composite instead of the input field. Build your composite to include the input and then your standardised text which should look a little something like this

I hope this helps


Thanks Anthony, this is also a useful approach.

I was hoping agents would be able to use the messaging widget to reply to inbound SMS in the same way as emails (as one case may have correspondence from both sources and many users), but I can see that to allow for the equivalent of an email subject line (for matching purposes) I will need to build an alternative SMS reply text widget.

Both replies have given me ideas on how to proceed.

Would it be possible to request that the option to add set text to a SMS is considered for future releases of the platform please?

Also useful would be the function to a template to emails that can be edited before sending. I believe at the moment our options are either a set text or free-form email.

Thanks again

Hi @jtankerville1,

Any requests for new features and improvements can be submitted to the ideas page on the community


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