SOAP API Calls and Functionality


I’m new to netcall and was wondering if anyone has managed to create SOAP api connections and calls to an external service.

I am having difficulty, having looked through the documentation in the resources section.

Can anyone help?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Luke, Yes I have - assuming you are using the generic SOAP adaptor and are retrieving the WSDL OK it just worked when I tried it. Can you be more specific over the problem you are having?


Hi @richk,

Thats brilliant, i’m having difficulty setting up the SOAP API Call. The function drop down throws me, as this is a mandatory field, yet no function is available to select. I create an API function and no function is available.

Any ideas?


If you are setting up an API call to call OUT from Create to a third party, you need to set up an API Connection first. If you select the generic SOAP adapter you can then set the WSDL url and the End point URL. When it retrieved the WSDL, it should set up all the API calls for you. API Functions and Endpoints are for when you are hosting the API and expect other systems to call Create.

Of course, if it is the latter you are after, then forget API Connections and Calls and first set up at least one function then set up the endpoint.

I have a little video I did (if I can still find it) somewhere if you want it.

A video would be amazing thankyou!

I am completely new to liberty create. I have an API to an LLPG address database that I would like to autofill address fields based on the customer inputting their postcode. I have worked my way through the available guidance and am now even more confused. Any help on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Gebrad

What you need is the postcode in an object property. Then call the API with the object property in the request packet. The response packet will then allow you to populate the appropriate properties on return. PM me with contact details if you want to discuss further.