Temporary Event Notice form calculation


I just wondered if anyone else has used Create for their Temporary Event Notice form and if so, what solution(s) you have in place for the date calculation?

I have a calculation for both standard and Late TEN but if the date is invalid (ie. too soon), to try this again the customer needs to reset the dates first, which seems to be causing some issues.

Has anyone else found the same problem/a more robust solution?


Hi Henry, first of all, congratulations on a magnificent season for The Seagulls. Absolutely my club of the year, despite you helping to ruin our terrible season! :wink:

But, to business, if you would like to do a Teams call next week we can discuss what you are trying to achieve and I’ll see if I can offer you a better solution.

Have a great weekend Henry!
Best Regards - Mark Pearson (AppShare Manager)

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We’ve certainly come a long way over the last few years, but what I love most is that we are still retaining that sense of identity as a family club and going about things the right way… :slight_smile:

A Teams call sometime next week would be great, cheers Mark - have a good weekend. :+1:

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Hi Henry,
We have a TEN form, and had a doozy of a time with the date calcs too.

We use a ‘check date’ button and hidden fields that apply conditional effects to the rest of the page. So in the example, if the dates are not valid, a message will show instructing the customer to change the dates, and everything else is hidden on the page.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks @Jo.Torres, good to know I wasn’t the only one that struggled with this and also pretty much the same solution I opted for in the end!

It just seems to create a bit of a challenge for customers with the need to reset the date fields each time - perhaps I could add some help text in the meantime and will see if I can implement a more robust solution after a chat with @mark.pearson.

All the best,

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