The new Support Portal has landed!

The first version of our new Support Portal is now live, so please go and have a look (there is also a document that explains how it works in the support link). This new Support Portal is linked directly to your Community account and allows you to not only log cases for incidents, or service requests, but also gives you access to all your existing cases (those logged in the new portal). This means you can see progress, add comments, and even upload files. You will also receive email updates on cases as things progress.

As always, tell us what you like, what you don’t like, and things we could do to improve the service by simply replying to this post. The Support Portal is just the first step of adding functionality that brings even more value into the Community, and we hope you all find it really useful.


HI. Will I be able to see all the Incidents and Service Requests raised for my company in future?

Hi Christine, yes providing you are linked to an account in our system, when you log in you will be able to see all incidents and service requests in the portal linked to those accounts. Note however it is not retrospective, so you will only have visibility of those raised in the new Portal going forward.

Hi, I have tried logging in with my community account but have received the ‘incorrect password’ message, which when clicked takes me here: (which I also can’t sign in to). Trying to register a new user tell me I already exist. This has also happened for Jo Torres.

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Hi Victoria,

Can you try the password reset option for yourself and Jo please. We did have an issue last week causing an issue which has now been resolved.

Hi Dave,
Have tried this myself and don’t seem to be receiving the reset email at all.

H Jo, I will email you direct.


Will I be able to see cases created by my colleagues? (Are cases related to individuals or our solution? Relating cases to our solution would be preferable.)
I submitted one via the new portal today and it did not ask me for an email address, so I couldn’t put our shared inbox. Would it be better for our organisation to have a shared Netcall community account, or would that mess things up?

Hi Ian, the support portal will only show cases linked to the email address that was used to raise them, i.e. the Community login email address. You can if you want use a group email address to register another account in the Community and that would work, however just bear in mind that it is possible that this new address might also get general updates from Community outside of support.