This month featured item – Conversation Widget

Hey everyone,

Did you know we have a featured item of the month over at AppShare? Our team selects the best content on AppShare each month, and a lucky one gets featured!

The lucky chosen one this month is Conversation Widget!

This widget has been developed using the Code Studio within Liberty Create. The widget has been developed to allow integration with Liberty Connect and to display messages from Liberty Connect within a page in Liberty Create.

You can view more information on this widget here , or check out all the other amazing items we have on AppShare !

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Lisa V


I have installed this widget and followed the guide until 3.2.3 Rule two. Step five says to ‘Set the Message drop-down to the “Liberty” channel identity that we created earlier’ but no such option shows. We did create a channel identity but not a message which is the expected selection here.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

I have the same issue - I am in communication with developers on both sides of Liberty (Connect and Create) and hope to have a resolution soon

Hi There, I am looking into this matter and will report back as soon as I have news.

Best Regards - Mark Pearson