This month’s featured item on AppShare – Development Requests

Hey everyone,

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This month pick of the patch is Development Requests, this Accelerator is designed as a simple way for an organisation’s IT team to manage requests for software solutions to process problems, documented by their internal staff.

This application is built on Liberty Create 2021.1. and consists of an online form, allowing a user to register a request over a number of sections, is provided with a core data set of questions relevant to most software requirements.

A back-office interface for the IT function, to view, review and process these requests up to an accept or reject point, is also provided, with some basic reporting on the requests.

The application has been designed with a straightforward process that can be expanded depending on the needs of the business.

For more information on this accelerator please click here, or have a look at other items we have on AppShare!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Lisa V

Is it possible to download this and install on an existing environment rather than creating a new application?
If it is, how?

Hi Cathy, are you looking to install this on an existing Create instance alongside an existing App you already have under construction or already in use?

Regards Mark

Hello Mark
Yes we would be wanting it on an existing instance alongside apps we are currently developing.