This month’s featured item on AppShare – Exclude Choices Presenter

Hey everyone,

Have you seen our pick of featured item of the month on AppShare? Our choice of the best content on AppShare is none other than the Exclude Choices Presenter! This presenter is also a favourite of one of our colleagues!

The Exclude Choices Presenter allows you to customise the options on a choice data type field by excluding certain options.

This Presenter will really appeal to any Builder who has struggled to customise the on-screen presentation of a form page.

It provides the Builder with the ability to further customise the control of Input Choice Fragments.

It works with

  • Dropdown
  • Tiles
  • Radio Button input selectors
  • +has a thousand potential applications

This presenter works within both Search and Form widgets.

Have you got a favourite app? You can find one on AppShare! Let us know if you already have a favourite and why :blush:


Lisa V