Timers - When Using a System Variable Duration

Does anyone know why when attempting to use a field duration for target (in this case a system duration variable), the UI still is asking for Default threshold to still be filled in ?

Doesn’t seem logical to me unless I’m missing the point ?

Hi Haydn,

Needing to provide a default threshold is correct.

This is because when you source your threshold from a field, it is possible that your record may not have a value for that field, and in this case the timer needs something to fallback to.

For example, let’s say you had a duration property in your ‘case’ object.
Your timer is set to use that duration as the field threshold.
But when the timer is triggered to start, that field has no value, it’s null/empty.
In this case, the timer will continue to function but will utilise the default instead.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

OK I guess that does make sense but if you are using a System Variable to hold the duration (as a constant) it makes less sense in practical terms but OK !!!


Erm - Im also not convinced that works either to be honest. Setting a default (5 days considering our calendar currently) and the variable at 7 days. When the timer is initialised im only seeing it created for 5 days.



Hi Haydn,

Your variable is editable in the application, so it’s worth having a look at whether you have applied an override value and whether that’s being utilised instead. The value you’ve highlighted in your screenshot is the ‘default’ value, whereas you might have overridden the value using the ‘Variable and special record editor’ widget. If so, then that value would be used instead.

However, if you are experiencing behaviour whereby the default threshold is always being applied even though your variable has been configured correctly and contains a value, then you should raise a Support Ticket to investigate.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

All good in the end. User error (obviously :shushing_face: )

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Glad to hear you got it working in the end :slight_smile: