Trying to set up Single Sign On

We are trying to set up SSO on our platform and we think we have followed the step by step guide found here:

When we try and log in with SSO we get the ‘This site can’t be reached’ error.


Does anyone have any experience in setting up SSO with Create that might have some info on common errors people make with this?

Hi Paul - is it ADFS you are trying to connect to or something like Azure AD - the message implies to me you have one of the provider URLs incorrect (i.e the metadata file you loaded into create is wrong). Does the “Details” page look correct? I am no SSO expert but have configured it once or twice from Create…

Hi Richard, It is ADFS we are connecting to. From what I can tell everything in the Details page looks correct. Would we need to whitelist any extra IP addresses for SSO?

Just cross checking one of my configs and although I have the same hostname there for something else I took it out and the SSO still accesses the provider. Can you browse to the single sign on service Url from a browser (not that it will work)? If so PM me with the hostname of your controller and I will get the guys to check the back end logs.