'Type of container' that is selected within the Waste container request form is not visible on the waste interface queue

On the waste container request form, users can select the type of container.

This field needs to be visible under ‘Waste container requests’ queue on the Waste interface.

As the type of containers are added as properties within ‘Services > Waste container request [DATA]’ object, I have created a composite to display these data as one field on the waste interface depending on the selection made within the form

Properties within the ‘Services > Waste container request [DATA]’ object
Type of waste container - Refuse
Type of waste container - Recycling
Type of waste container - Paper
Type of waste container - Sacks
Type of waste container - Green
Type of waste container - Others
Type of waste container - Food caddy

Composite I have created

But ‘Type of container’ - the composite I have created doesn’t display any values under waste interface. Could someone help me with this please?

Thank you

Good Afternoon Mihiri,

I have been discussing this issue with some of my colleagues and I will be in touch with you via email to see if I can help.


Hi Simon
Thanks for looking in to this. I created a composite with nested If conditions as you have advised in your email. But still it doesn’t work. I’ve replied to the private message.

Thank you


Thank you for your message, I will discuss with my colleagues and we will then come back to you.