Unable to upload Asset Image


I’m having problems uploading images in the asset section. I’m trying to upload a PNG and its just giving me an error of “invalid file type selected”.

Has anyone else had this issue and know how to fix it?


Hi Ewan - PNG files are definitely a valid filetype for an asset, so I’d look at the specific file you’re trying. Can you upload other PNG files?

Hi Scott, I was able to upload a different PNG so I’ll look at what’s wrong with the image I’m using. Thanks for your help.

Hi Ewan, further to Scotts reply, is the file particularly large? If so, try a smaller .png to see if size is the issue! Regards - Mark

I had an issue which was patched, whereby the file extension .PNG wouldn’t upload, but .png would.

That may have been the issue here, but hopefully now resolved for you.