Upgrade History

Hi Guys,
In an environment in the system → About area, there is a button “View History” that displays the last 10 environment upgrades. Is there any way to get a full list of environment upgrades?

Hey Bob!
The list that you see under ‘Upgrade history’ is any upgrade including minor patch upgrades. Ie. for Build environments that auto-patch every night, you will see 1 line per night, in addition to any manual patching as well as version upgrades run from the Controller.
Of course, this could coincide with version upgrades only in a Live environment, if they are not patched in between.

Is that the list you are looking for, or do you mean version upgrades only?

Hi Meike,
Would it be possible to get a list of the Version Upgrades only?

Hi Bob!

You can get an audit of when upgrades (to new versions) were initiated in the Audit page of the Controller.

But it doesn’t show what version it was upgraded to.

I can think of lots of potential improvements to Create/Controller to make this easier for you:

  • Controller - Have an ‘Audit’ tab within the view of an application environment
  • Controller - Audit page - New filter to filter by app/env.
  • Controller - Audit page - New filter to filter by activity, eg “Upgrade requested”.
  • Controller - Audit page - Show the version it was upgraded from/to.
  • Create - “View History” popup - Display >10 historical upgrades, perhaps paginated
  • Create - “View History” popup - Filter to version upgrades (or display as list somewhere else)

At a glance, I cannot see any of those in https://ideas.netcall.com/.
So maybe describe what you think would be most useful to you there!

I’d be happy to help further directly, if this remains unresolved.


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