Uses images in multiple choice questions

We are trying to use the ‘tiled’ option for a multi choice field to display an image (via a relation selector to a different object). At the moment rather than displaying the image it is displaying a number.

If I choose the category name as the title field it displays this as expected, but the image doesn’t work. I’ve checked all the settings but can’t see where I am going wrong.

Has anyone seen this before?
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Hi Kathryn,

I don’t believe the presenter supports anything other than text fields to display. I think what you are seeing is the “Image Number”. I can’t think of a workaround, other than a custom presenter, and it doesn’t strike me as being a trivial one to develop!


Hi Richard, thanks for the response. One of my colleagues thought he’d seen the tiles being used with images by another LA but maybe not!
I think it would be a useful feature request if it isn’t something that you can do. I’ve got a (clunky) workaround for now at least using links in an image. :slight_smile:

@james.bovington might be able to advise

Wonder if what they saw was CSS styling and background-images, where the image was not data-specific.

Hi all,
@james.bovington 's demo at the community event had this feature in their housing repairs app. James did point out it was custom code on a pre-code studio version of the platform. Although I remember there being a little discussion that it was possibly possible in the latest versions of Create through standard features. I guess that’s not the case, but as Kathryn says it would be a useful feature.

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Definitely didn’t say it couldn’t be done - just that it would not be trivial :grinning:

Usually I would have picked this up as a challenge, but snowed under this week!

For a relationship selector where the image was a file property in the related object I could see this as being relatively easy to achieve with vue. Let me give it some thought.


I have developed a quick proof of concept that’s working.

You need only point the relationship presenter at a related object that contains a label and an image.
Kathryn wanted to be able to relate a second list based on your primary selections, this has been achieved by creating a second related object with a column that will accept the primary reference id. Unfortunately, at this time, a save will need to occur between primary and secondary selection as presenters currently have no way of reading each other values.

Please let me know your thoughts or suggestions.

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