Using html in a composite

I’d like to use some basic HTML formatting such as bold an italic in a composite…Is this possible?

I am creating some email templates, and wanted to use the same composite repeatedly, this way I can edit one composite and change the data that is presented in one place.

Ideally using the something similar to the html editor built into Messages.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jonathan

This may or may not be what you are looking for or if this would work (try and test might be the best approach), but you could write up some code using an “Event Action” in code studio and reference (in references in code studio) the composite in question.

Through the use of a rule you would trigger the code studio event action, which would I assume, set the composite and do what you need it to do.

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Hi Jonathan,

As an alternative to using an event action, you should be able to do this with a page. If you make a page of type Email template include then put the composite in there with any formatting you want, you can drop that in to the emails as a page include.


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Thanks Ewan, I will give this a go!