Using timers / durations to record very short periods of time

Our liberty create application relies on a lot of API calls, some of which are bringing in large amounts of data. I would like to be able to record how long liberty create is taking to process this data after the api call has been received.

With this aim I set up a timer which would be started when a Response Time is populated and stopped when the Response Status becomes “Complete”.

This works as I would expect in that, for API calls that are taking over a minute, I can see e.g “2 minutes” when I display the timer, but this isn’t really specific enough for my purposes.

What’s my best option for storing and displaying shorter periods of time? Can I use a Duration property or would it be better to store a number of seconds or miliseconds in a number property and use that?

This data is only going to be available to builders anyway, so in theory it doesn’t need to be pretty so long as it’s useful.


Hi Dylan, without knowing the minute specifics of what your ultimate goal is I would suggest that you try both options and see which delivers the best result for your purposes. I would suggest that potentially either option could work.

Regards - Mark Pearson - AppShare Manager