Want to know how to download AppShare content, have you had a look through the 10.2 release notes yet?

The resource centre has a load of cool information including MATS release notes. 10.2 brings a bunch of new features including a new controller interface, this new interface has been designed to support the AppShare making installing new free apps and accelerators as easy as possible. You can simply pick what you want in the AppShare, download a code, and then enter than in your controller, the rest happens automatically and you will be ready to go, and this I only the start, we have lots of other content planned over the next few months.

And remember you can all be part of this! So if you have a great idea drop us an email (community@matssoft.com) and we will be more than happy to work with you to get your name in lights in the AppShare!

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I have just taken a look through the resource center and this looks super helpful!

Thanks Siobhan, it’s early days and we will be adding a lot more content over the coming weeks and months, great to have the feedback!

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