Web facing form submission and the browser back button

Hi All

Doing some exploratory work with using Liberty Create to replace some of our online forms and some questions have been raised by our QA team…

When a multi-page form is completed, and a submission confirmation page is displayed, current behaviour is that pressing the browser back button allows the user to go back through the form pages and update their inputted details. Is their a way to stop this happening? Ideally, we’d like the browser back button to force the user back to the first page of the form, in a new instance (so a second case would be submitted if they then completed the form). I’m guessing there’s no way to do this in the config (albeit, I haven’t managed to find it but happy to be corrected), so is there a recommended way this can be done some other way?

Related to this, as part of the training course “Working with the Citizen/Tenant Hub Framework” - you create a multi-page form, that is actually a single page, made to look like many pages, with the pre-created sub-pages managing the look and feel of the page navigation. The browser button doesn’t work with this. Is there a recommended way to get the browser back button to be able to navigate through the different ‘pages’, until the final submission page, where upon clicking the browser back button would send the user back to the first page in a new instance (same as above scenario).

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We have a “form complete” widget on every page of the form, which appears when “form complete” boolean is ticked. We also use this boolean to hide all the form widgets on each page so the answers can’t be changed.

I like your idea about the redirect. You could have a custom widget on each page with a mounted function which redirects to a specified page on page load if the form complete boolean is ticked (i’d still do the above too though, in case their browser blocks this behaviour)

I don’t really know how you’d tackle this with single page forms though…