Welcome to 2023!

As we wave goodbye to 2022 and look forward to 2023, I thought it would be good to list some of the 2022 highlights and give some details of what is coming in 2023. First let’s look back at for 2022:

• The Community continued to grow with now over 2,500 members.
• We added even more content into AppShare including the recently added Academy Accelerator.
• The number of questions posted and answered across all our solutions in the Forum increased.
• More and more of your ideas made it into new software releases via the Ideas portal.
• We released our all new Academy.

So, a very busy 2022 and it was great to see even more users taking advantage of the breadth of expertise available for advice and tips via the Forum from across the Community and from within Netcall. It was fantastic to see so many users feeding back ideas into Development via the Ideas portal. Remember this is your direct route into product owners and developers! And finally, the Academy has been a great success with hundreds of users already completing their eLearning.

Now to look forward to 2023:

• We will, of course, be continuing to extend and improve all areas of the Community.
• We will be adding a dedicated resource into the Community to concentrate solely on AppShare to ensure, as content grows, that we keep on top of making sure, as much as possible, that content continues to operate as new versions are released (something that has been in issue over the year).
• We will be adding an all new Onboarding function to Community to help new customers, or existing customers with new solutions get up and running as quickly as possible.
• We will be adding even more Academy eLearning courses.
• We will be adding a new Community / Academy section in the Ideas portal for you to feed in requests for what you want to see in the Community.

So, again, thank you to everyone who contributed, and here’s to a successful 2023!

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