What are Record Groups?

Hi all,

I have just completed my training on the Liberty Create platform but could not find any information in the help portal about record groups. I am looking for some advice and information about record groups; such as what they are or when and how I would use them.

Many thanks

Hi Katie,

Record groups can be used to identify a hierarchy of records using relationships which can then be used on Viewports for viewport locking.

For example, you have a viewport for a household. Related to that household are resident records related. With viewport locking you can protect current editing based at the household record however under normal circumstances the residents could still be modified. With a record group applied here you could then also apply the same record locking down at the residents records so elsewhere these are locked whilst the household it being edited.

I hope this makes sense, please say if not.


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Thank you Carl for your explanation, I understand this a lot better now.