What do you call the internal Council side of your Citizen Hub

We are getting ready to launch some fairly significant builds that will bring more focus on our Citizen Hub Framework. As part of this, we are getting some coms material together but we are starting to realise that the terminology we use as builders has absolutely no relevance or meaning to the staff that will be using it.

what I’d like to know is, what have you called the area that your internal staff/agents use to access the cases that have been created through the Citizen Hub framework?

Hi Richard,

Really good question, there are a few different naming conventions in use, I’ve asked a couple of our other customers to come back on the post, so hopefully they’ll come back shortly with some ideas for you.


Hi Richard,
Our staff call it “Central” or “Liberty Create Central”.
This isn’t 100% across the board, there is a culture amongst staff users to call things by the name of the supplier. We will occasionally hear people say “Do I log in to Netcall?”.


We are calling it the new CRM, as its replacing our dynamics CRM. In time it will just be CRM.