Whats the best method to share sensitive data securely?

Hi all, some advice please.

We are building a MATS a system that collects all the relevant information from a user making an insurance claim against the Council, (damage caused by defects on the Highway).

In the current non MATS system, the council agent collects the information and packages it up (PDF). It is then sent by email using a Microsoft Outlook plugin that provides a secure email services, which encrypts the attachments and the recipient creates an account to access the encrypted email and attachments.

The business team have asked how we can provide the same level of security in the MATS system.

I have the following options

  1. Do not automate the email. Require an agent to download the insurance claim package, create an email in MS Outlook attaching the package and encrypt using the Council’s encryption plugin.

  2. Send an email from MATS. This email instructs the recipient to follow an authenticated webpage link to MATS where the recipient can download the package.

  3. Option 2 Improved. Send two emails from MATS, the first includes the authenticated webpage link and the second email contains a 1 time passcode that must be correctly entered onto the page to access the package.

I’d like to hear from anyone that has tackled the same problem or can see a good option that I have missed.

This application is on version 10.1


Hi Craig,

This is Mark. I am a PSD here at MatsSoft and I’m here to help you. I will consider your circumstances and get back to you once I am clear on what you need and the circumstances around that requirement. I may have some questions.

My email address is mark.pearson@matssoft.com. If you could please drop me a line when you are free to exchange a mail or two, and I can get the full picture from you and reply accordingly. Thank you for using the Community Forum for you query!

Regards - MP

For anyone else considering this problem. Mark and I discussed the circumstances and ultimately decided that we should explore using the API with the 3rd party organsiation rather than sending an email.

For speed we implemented option 2 for BETA and are developing an API solution with the 3rd party organisation for full go LIVE.

Hi Craig, I’m glad it worked out for you and that is definitely the safest and most efficient way to go for you!

Glad we could help. Thank you for using and supporting the Mats Community!

Regards - MP