Where do i find the liberty create mobile app for android phone

Hi all

I’m doing a offline form PoC, but can’t find the mobile app on the play store, can anyone provide a link for me?


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I can’t help. I have an APK of the old MATS v10 android app but I get a Sign in error, when I try to use it.

IIRC that app has been decommissioned and Netcall are in the process of building a Liberty Create app. Following the thread now to see if it’s ready / invite only :slight_smile:

thanks Craig, that explains it

Hi Kevin,

Craig’s right, we’re in the process of releasing a new version of the App.

I’m trying to nail the team down to the date it should appear in the store but we’re going through final testing then have to go through the Apple/Google submission process which is a bit of a lottery!

I will try and confirm before the end of the week.

If its urgent we could give you a version you can ‘sideload’ onto a device? We have had a number of customers do the same so while its not yet fully released it is stable.