Which address lookup services do you use in create?

Hi, we are in the process of configuring our citizen hub and one of the things we need to activate is an address lookup. We rather than reinventing the wheel, what services are you all using?

Hi Richard,
At Cumbria we use GetAddress.io. We’ve been using it for awhile and it has been absolutely fine. We didn’t choose it over any others for Liberty Create, IT already had a subscription so we took it from there.

My only issue is that it doesn’t return UPRN with an address, which would be really useful, but having never used any of the others I don’t know if they do either.

We’ve built a code studio widget for using GetAddress.io. I’m not sure if it is AppShare ready, but I’m happy to share it as is.


We have our own in-house developed Address API for NLPG and property API for LLPG


We’ll have a look at that subscription, it look pretty reasonable. We wanted to use the OS API, but they haven’t released the free LGA one yet (despite their recent press release). When you say it doesn’t return the UPRN with an address, do you then match it to the UPRN via your Gaz for Cumbria addresses?

Where do pick up the NLPG data? Is it a paid subscription?

We host it ourselves in MS Azure in a SQL DB and have a Rest API written in C# also hosted in Azure. We use AddressBase Premium for the source data at the mo, but need to switch to AddressBase Core as we only host the Delivery Point data as don’t need to know about every UPRN across the UK, just the Post Office addressable ones for correspondence purposes.

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Yep, the postcode lookup keeps the user submitted addresses as clean as possible for matching.

Maybe a bit late chiming in here, we do also have a published appshare widget that gives support for loqate.io that may be worth you taking a look at.