Whitespace Call Relations ships and Copying Data from one object to another

Hi folks,

I am currently working on a missed bins form to automate our missed bins reporting in to WhiteSpace.

I have created and set up all the relevant API Calls and Objects. However, I am having an issue with copying data from the call ‘GetSiteCollections’ to the ‘CreateWorksheet’. I need to copy three fields:

  1. ServiceItemID
  2. ServiceItemName
  3. ServiceItemQuantity

I have successfully made the call and have the data in the ‘GetSiteCollections Response’ data object, but when I create a rule to copy the data from the ‘GetSiteCollection Response’ object, to the ‘CreateWorkSheet’ data object, I do not get the option to choose the ‘one-to-many’ ‘GetSiteCollection’ Response object where the data has been saved.

However, if I change the ‘Act Upon Path’ to the ‘one-to-many’ ‘GetSiteCollection Response’ objects I can copy the data to the ‘CreateWorksheet’ data object, but it creates a new record, thus not allowing me to complete the ‘CreateWorkSheet’ call.

Any Help would be most appreciated as there is a deadline to have this form complete.

Thanks for any help,