Why use an API or Remote Objects

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as I have been having some interesting conversations with our MATS Product Manager, I thought of sharing this insight with our Community. By all means I don’t profess to be an expert and will just convey a summary of such discussion.

The question I asked was which is more efficient and beneficial if you had to choose between using APIs or Remote Objects.

Both data exchange mechanisms are efficient with some variation as to the approach taken:

Remote object syncing syncs the raw saveable format, essentially skipping some of the translation work the API has to do; it auto-batches up to 100 changed records at once (which is hard to replicate with the API)

API ‘push’ the data from the source to the destination and the new option to “subscribe” to changes makes the Remote Object sync normally happen almost as quick.

With regards to the advantages, both methodoligies come with different benefits for a builder to consider:

Remote objects has significant advantages in Build Config setup because:

  1. Configuring the data sharing at each end is much quicker
  2. You don’t need to setup events and rules to trigger API data
  3. Later addition of properties and relationship can require no extra work at the source

There is so much that is automatic about Remote Objects that suppport builders quality and efficiency in their build.

On the other hand the APIs big advantage is the flexibility to write the data on any application, instead of having it read-only on one end.

I hope you, this insight useful.

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Thanks for this insight Guiseppe.

Very useful to understand the differences, advantages and drawbacks.

No problem Matt, and I hope you very much enjoy the Community space. If there are other topics that you are interested please don’t hesitate to ask