Would you like the Community team to create an AppShare Accelerator for you?

Hello everyone, my name is Mark Pearson, and I am the AppShare Manager here at Netcall. Firstly, a happy Christmas and prosperous new year to you all, and a thank you for all your continued support in the community. I am reaching out to you all today with an offer to create some AppShare Accelerators that you will be able to download and use. For example, at the moment, I am looking to develop a basic Asset Register solution that will be available either as a “stand alone” App, or as a Module that will allow you to add this into your existing solutions. However, is this the most important or useful Accelerator to add to AppShare? Possibly not, so, if you have any suggestions for simple Accelerator that we could potentially develop and add to the AppShare, for everyone’s benefit, just post your ideas in this thread and we can have a chat and see what can be done.


SW Devon would be interested in an asset management solution, we are in the process of looking at the feasibility of replacing our current asset management package within Liberty Create, based on what was done for the Tenant Hub.

Would love to have a chat about your plans!

Cheltenham would also be interested in an Asset Register solution. We have both Pest Control and Life Lines on our development backlog which would benefit.

Interested to hear more! :slight_smile:

Looks like Pest Control is on the cards for the Licensing app :slight_smile:

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Hi Jo, where has this info come from?


Hello Everyone, thank you for your responses so far. We will be picking this matter up in the New Year and will I reach out to you all at that point.

Have a fabulous Christmas and I look forward to speaking with you in 2024.

Regards - Mark P

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Hi Sean,

Think it was on a list of proposed processes for inclusion in the upcoming licensing application, I can’t find the screenshot now I’m afraid so take it with a pinch of salt.