You spoke and we listened

My name is Mark and I am the AppShare Manager. Here at Netcall we feel it is important that you all have a route to feedback comments, contributions or suggestions, so feel free to post in the Forum, put an idea in the Ideas Portal, or drop a review.

Based on some of this this feedback on our popular Drop Zone File Upload widget, one of our Senior Developers, Pavel, has pulled a rabbit out of the hat and delivered a new improved version. This is now available to download Here!

We have added some great new features, including the ability to easily delete any files uploaded in error. I’m sure you will find the new V2 version a huge improvement, so head over and take a look. Note, it also comes with brand new documentation and supporting screenshots!

Have a fabulous weekend Everyone!

Best Regards,
Mark Pearson - AppShare Manager


Hi Mark, this sounds great. One thing we noticed at Cheshire East was that it wasn’t possible to tab into the dropzone and trigger a file upload with enter (for users who can’t use a mouse). I added some code to achieve this. Happy to share if you wish.