2 numbers going in to 1 dialogue - can a message be put on only one of the numbers


We have a geographical number and an 0845 that come in via different call routing numbers but point to the same dialogue. Is there a way to put a message on one of those lines that will not be played on the other?


HI Vanessa, if the number coming into your Liberty Converse solution is different then you can alter the routing using a Logic Block.

Within your Dialogue at the point of where you want the message to differ add a new Logic Block.

The screen shots below are what I will use for this example. Firstly, I give this a name of DDI Check. Then I select Variable (next to the If Statement) and then go to %System% - %System.DDI%. This will set the Variable to look for the DDI number (the number that is being presented to Liberty Converse when a someone calls the number in question).

Once selected I leave the Value as = and then set that value to the number that is being presented to Liberty Converse. In this example I have stated that IF %System.DDI% = 56789 then do Y and if not then do Y

I can set what happens to each of the conditions (the one I have set 56789, and the one I have not set which is the else, perform the following action(s):)

In each of these I need to state what to do, and this would allow me to play a message or route a caller a different way within the same Dialogue based on the number they call.

Hope this helps and let us know if you have any further question.

Many thanks.

Jonathan Redsell.