403 forbidden error

I have people reporting they are getting 403 forbidden errors when accessing authenticated webpages. The link is sent via emails. This is only happening once every 100 people or so and some times the problem is sorting itself out by the next day. Any advice or help with this

Hi @Alex_GSA

thank you for your question!

My advice would be that you should review the firewall profiles and what is being allowed/blocked.

Please let me know if that was helpful or if you are still experiencing this issue!

thank you,

Lisa V :slight_smile:

Hi @lisa.vermot

All the firewall profiles are set to allowed all users to access.

I have a feeling this might be to do with local settings for our users as oppose to the system as if it was a system issue, it would happen with every user, which isn’t the case.

Thank you for your help though

Hi @Alex_GSA Did you ever find a solution to this? We have the same sporadic reporting from customers. One of the customers reported they tried multiple browsers, with a cleared cache and experienced the issue on wifi, but when they used mobile data it was OK - but we also allow by default so unsure why that impacted it.

Hey @james.coleman, this sounds like an IP ban.
I would suggest raising a support ticket so our teams can look into what may have caused this. Ideally with the time that this ban occurred and the link to the page your customers are trying to access.
Meike (Netcall)