A great function I've just found!

I wasn’t sure where to post this as I couldn’t find an option to give you some feedback on a function that I’ve just found!
We’ve been getting lots of feedback from our customers on telephones, email and messaging. Satisfaction ratings and user comments are now feeding into PowerBI dashboards. One of the challenges we’ve had is that on telephones, we are having to listen to the messages that customers leave in the survey and we can not ‘surface’ this feedback into our dashboards.
Whilst setting up a new survey, I’ve just noticed that we can now generate an SMS, rather than a post-call IVR survey, on telephones. Brilliant!! This is exactly what we needed as it captures feedback in a text format rather than a voice file. I’m not sure how long this feature has been there but thank you for answering my prayers!
Well done Netcall, love it!


Hi Ross, glad you like it. We released this in 5.8.9. We add all our release documentation to our Community Documentation pages (https://docs.netcall.com/docs/liberty-converse/5.9/welcome/product-updates/converse-v5.8)

This was the release for Survey by sending an SMS (gosh has it really been this long already, where has the time gone (is it too early to mention the big guy in a red suit and a fluffy white beard yet?)).

Just an added note around collecting the voice comments people leave and turning this into meaningful data, did you know you can use our API to pull the Survey responses (https://docs.netcall.com/docs/liberty-converse/5.9/developer-guide/contact-centre-apis)

We have had a customer pull this data and then run this through a 3rd party analytic tool which then transcribed and analysed the data. Unfortunately I don’t have all the details on the setup, but we do offer a great set of API’s to work with.

Kind Regards.


Hey Jonathan,

Sorry but I am late to the party with this. Is there any way to sign up to ‘notifications of when new releases come out on Converse? We moved on to 5.8.7 in September last year and have just moved on to 5.9.1 a couple of weeks ago, so have only just noticed it!

I don’t really have time to keep checking on the forum for updates/releases so wondered if the above would be something that you guys would consider?

Great Idea, and with all great ideas, they deserve a portal for them to be added to. Could I ask you pop this feature onto the Ideas portal please under the Community/Academy feedback.

Many thanks.


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Hi Ross,

Our current aim is to release minor versions with bug fixes and minor changes once per month and major feature releases 3 to 4 times a year. Our next major release will be 5.10 around September time.

Hope that helps

Jonathan Gunner

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