Accessing a List of Temporary Location Numbers


Apologies if this has already been answered, but I couldn’t seem to locate any information about this in the help documents or the forum posts.

I’m in the process of building up an analysis of all interactions within our contact centre. One of the data cleaning activities I’m doing is to separate out interactions that are agent-to-agent (i.e., where the contact number is of an agent due to a transferred call).

Whilst I’ve managed to identify some of these through the extractable directory, a lot of the agents have updated their contact numbers with a temporary location, which I’ve discovered do not appear in said directory.

My query is whether there is any way to extract these temporary numbers? I understand that they’re “temporary” by nature but was hoping that they would be stored somewhere. A lot of these numbers have been around for several months now.

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HI Will. Depending on how your system is set up, this should already be easily extractable from your reports. In Any Contact Centre, we would recommend a Queue called Agent Transfer or Agent to Agent Queue. (In fact, this is now built into the system as best practice out of the box).

Your Group Settings should also reference this Queue.

This way, when running a Queue Summary report, I can see how many calls into the Contact Centre use this Queue.

Or use the Interactions report and filter on this Queue

This Agent Transfer Queue is used when an Agent transfers to another Agent but also if someone was to call an Agent direct through the system (Be it via a click-to-dial call from Contact Centre, via ContactPortal, or to a direct call to that agent from a DDI that is routed through Liberty).

Another item you might find helpful is within the Queue Summary report. Using the Column selectors, you can view the Total number of callers who came into each Queue/Skill but also the number of those that were direct into the queue/skill (From a Dialogue) or were transferred into the Queue from another Queue/Group (I.E. the call was answered by another agent and then transferred into that Queue).

I hope this helps. Let us know if this answers your question or if you need further assistance.

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Jonathan Redsell

Thanks a lot for coming back to me so promptly!

By the looks of it, the agent-to-agent queue is either not being utilised properly, or there’s some issue with it. The number of total transfers for November is about 3,000 more than the agent-to-agent transfer volumes, so I’m assuming not all transfers are included unless a certain procedure is followed.

One thing that does interest me in the queue summary is what you mentioned about the callers who arrived at the queue directly vs transfer - in the interactions report, is this referred to as the source? If so, I can see there are at least 4 possible options and would appreciate clarification on what each of them mean. The only information that I have on these right now is that dialogue, callback and dialler are inbound calls only, whereas click-to-dial is for both inbound and outbound calls.

I’m essentially trying to find a way where I can identify the “inbound” calls that have resulted from an agent transfer (where the customer number is the agent’s own number who transferred the call).

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Will Rickerby

Hi Will, I have sent you a message. What we can do is have a call and then report back here our findings and outcomes so that others can see what we did.