Action 'Set relationship to a special record' failing suddenly

Good morning,

I’m having an unexpected issue with the rule action to set relationship to a special record.

We have a customer profile page which gives an overview of all activity for a customer and allows the user to view and interact with any ongoing cases for them.

The situation in which the action is now failing is on this page, where we have a list widget showing in progress cases, one of the elements in the list is an action link which triggers the set relationship rule via an event.

This has been working for about a year but has now suddenly started failing and posting the following message in detective "Record from Special Record “Status: Abandoned” is deleted.

I’ve double checked the ID for the special record and have confirmed that it is not deleted.
I’ve also created a second version of the event chain using a new event, rule and record, this has result in the same error.

I can’t see any reason for this to suddenly stop working, and we are using this action elsewhere in the build without issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on what could be going wrong?


Hi Dominic,

I raised a case for this issue yesterday. The issue has been resolved and is undergoing final testing - the fix will hopefully be released today.


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Hi Richard,

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll wait for the patch to come through then.