Activity Codes and wrapup

Is there anyway that i can force an agent to apply an activity code as part of the wrap up before they are ready for a new interaction?

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Hi, sorry no, Activity codes can only be applied manually by the Agent. And if the don’t enter anything then it will be left blank. What issue are you trying to overcome out of interest?

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Hi Dave, this is something that we’d be interested in too. On average, 25% of our contacts do not have an Activity Code logged. We have tried everything to get advisors to remember but sometimes it is just unavoidable. Having the facility to ‘force’ an activity code would be very useful as we use the data from them to forward plan, channel shift etc.

Dave, I’ve just spotted @ross_mcqueen response, similar reasons:-

  1. We are trying to simplify queues

  2. As queues are simplified we will use Activity codes to identify customer trends, planning and training

  3. Trying to get 100% activity code completion is almost impossible.

OK yes makes sense, we have been asked about this before but couldn’t come up with any workable way to enforce an Agent entering an Activity code, and there is no real way other than Agent input to definitively say the interaction was about X or Y, because people can and do come to Agents via the wrong queue. Or think they question is about A but in fact it is about B. Really all you can do is manage the agents, i.e. supervisors monitor and feedback to agents not filling in Activity codes, maybe have a little prize for the best, or even a name and shame for those that don’t until you have your stats to rework the queues.
We do have a backlog item to allow Supervisors or Agents to retrospectively enter Activity codes, i.e. if it is blank go back, look at or listen to the interaction and fill it in. But that has not made the cut for a release yet. Clearly if enough customers want that and ask for it in platform suggestions the Dev guys may reconsider. Hope this helps.

Just to add further to Dave’s comment. This is something we’ve been thinking about for a while. The reason we automatically end wrap-up is based on the assumption that it was more important to get waiting calls through to agents. If we were to pop up a message asking an agent to select an activity code before ending wrapup then does that mean we dont put the next call through to the agent whilst we wait for them to click something?

Options we’re considering include:

  • Having the concept of an “overdue” wrapup. So, force the agent to pick an activity code before wrapup ends but highlight on dashboards and reports those agents that spent time in “Overdue”

  • Or, at the end of wrapup, put the next call through but leave the previous card open to allow the agent to still add an activity code. The agent wouldn’t be able to log out or go busy until they had added all activity codes.

Do either of these make sense, or do you have any other suggestions?


@dave.amps, thanks for the reply , your feedback includes things that we have considered in the past, retrospective application of an activity code would be useful but that could turn into a fulltime requirement for some managers. @sam.roddis either of those suggestions would be useful, i’ll share this feedback internally and we’ll consider the best option and let you know.

Hi - I can confirm that making the selection of an Activity Code mandatory has been raised previously and is on our product backlog for future consideration.

In the meantime, you may want to consider reviewing how wrapup is setup on your system. Lately we have been recommending that the maximum wrapup time is set to at least 10 to 15 minutes so that the actual post call activities are then attributed to the interaction in the reports. Agents are then empowered and incentivised to end the wrap period as soon as possible. The time being easy to see on the dashboards and historical reports. This process is used instead of a “Extended Wrap” or “Post Call Work” Busy Code.

The option of an overdue wrap up sounds like the most sensible option - take your point about calls queuing etc. At least some form of prompt to select an Activity code would be useful.

Hi Ross - yes having an alert time for wrapup would be a good way to go and something that is on the list!