Add a new line option - telephony

1 - I need to add a new sub category to one of our line options. Can someone please send me instructions on how to do this.

2 - One of the line options needs to move to a different order. It is currently the last option a customer would hear, and I need it to be the first one. Could someone please send me instructions on how to do this.

Thank you

I think you need to move this question to the “Liberty Converse and Connect Advice” topic so the right people will see it. Thanks.

One of our team has now done this for you.

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Hi Suki. In order to change the order of your Menu Options, you need to edit the Menu Block where these options reside.

You will need to adjust the Initial Prompt to match what you want to say to the caller.

Then within the Responses, use the arrows to move the options into the desired position and then change the number within the Press column (so that the numbers match the option you want the caller to press.

Once done, you will need to record the Prompt you changed. You can do this by following this guide on prompt recording. Recording Prompts (For Christmas or any other time) - Liberty Converse and Connect Advice - Netcall Community.

Once you have re-recorded the prompt and are happy with the changes, you must press publish to make the changes live.

Hope this helps.

Jonathan Redsell.

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Thank you for this Jonathan. I will give it a go and let you know how I get on :slight_smile: