Add file link not showing on Mobile phones


We have a scenario where we are using a widget to add a photo however when this widget is displayed on a mobile phone, the user is unable to select a file.

In Build, it looks like this, should allow a user to upload a file.

However in the interface, the upload file link is missing. I have checked and the widget should be available for all devices.


Hi Amy,

Thank you for posting on the Community forum. I need to clarify few points before suggesting a solution:

Firstly are you using the mobile ‘App’ to view this page or just opening this page on your mobile phone via a Browser?

When you open this page on your computer does it work fine?

If you are not using the mobile app what browser are you using on your mobile phone?

Please let me know and we’ll look further into it.


I can confirm this issue is present on mobile devices.
I will raise a bug and notify you when it has been resolved.

Suspect issue is connected to parent attribute mobile_view=false;
Raised as bug #18964.