Add own Terms and Conditions

Hi, We would like to add our own T&C’s to the platform when a new user first logs into their account, is this possible?

Thank you


Morning Amy

Is this the page where they have to set up their password, security questions and can choose their accessibility preferences? In that case, no, i don’t believe you can.

However, you could look at having the terms on the landing page for that user roles default interface, with the content in a template widget and a form widget with a check box / boolean to check and confirm their understanding / acceptance of the terms. Then, once that checkbox is checked, user is in a subset that means that widget no longer shows and the normal page functionality does.

Assume this is for the TAI app, is this for site managers only or for all users of the application? If it’s all users, you’ll need to do this on all the interfaces. If its just site managers, just their interface.

Hope that helps?

Thank you Darren, this is really helpful! We will give it a go :slight_smile:

Hi Darren,

I have been playing around with this, how would I go about adding a widget that prevents the user from accessing other functionality on the page until the tick box is confirmed?



Morning Amy. You’ll need to set up a subset that tracks if the check is set. So if the check box is unchecked, subset a, checked, subset b.

You wrap the checkbox and its widget in subset a so it only shows when the field is unchecked. Every other widget in the page, subset b.

This does rely on the checkbox property being in a object that relates to the other widgets on the page or being against the user record, so you can either apply the subset via a relation path or related to the user, as widgets have configuration settings that can apply either of those subset variations. I suspect having the check against the user is probably what you want, then use the ‘user visibility subset’ option to hide / show the widgets and their functions (see image below)


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Thank you Darren, it worked and looks good :slight_smile: