Adding Dialogue to the queue

We have dialogue with 3 options that sends calls to 3 different Queues. If the calls not answered in a specific time frame is it possible to have dialogue play as breaks in the music, can’t see where to add/edit this dialogue. We have announcements for the position in the queue but want to add different dialogue for each queue to advise users on how they can self service etc.

HI There. So once the caller has left the Dialogue it is the Queue that will then provide them with queue information. Sending a caller back to a Dialogue would then mark them as redirected out of the queue which would not me ideal.

If you are looking to offer self-service options before the Queue, then you can do this in the dialogue and the benefit of doing it there is you can report on the positive abandonment within the dialogue (in a queue you would not know why they put the phone down).

If you want to change your queue prompts then within the Queue you will See Comfort prompts, you can use the drop-down list to select the queue you want and then add/edit/delete the queue messages you want for that particular queue.

Hope that clears up where you may want to do things, drop us a message if you need further assistance.

I am also moving this to the Liberty Converse forum as it relates to that platform.

Many Thanks.